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We've developed a bold, yet simple new advanced formula for pest control
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RestAsure is the MOST effective bed bug product on the market

Many of the “safe” alternatives and household remedies have been shown to be less effective or simply don’t work at all. With RestAsure, you have a minimal risk bed bug killer that is easy to use and proven to get results. It is also an effective way to kill their eggs and larvae.

The common advice to get rid of bed bugs is to hire an exterminator. This can cost thousands of dollars and they often use harmful chemicals that do not work. With the advances in technology, the use of chemical treatments has become increasingly unnecessary as there are now safer treatment options available that are far more effective than chemical-based treatment options.

Other bed bug products can be toxic and require a greater number of precautions, but RestAsure is free of harmful chemicals and fogging agents, making it simple to apply and safe enough that you can sleep in your bed shortly after spraying. Because it is free of those harsh chemicals that can escape into the air and water through cleaning, RestAsure is also more ecologically friendly than other bed bug pesticides.

Unlike many alternatives, RestAsure can be applied anywhere you need it throughout your home, in your automobile, in your dressers and closets, and even in places such as hospitals, hotels, or schools where the use of conventional treatments could prove harmful.

What Makes RestAsure Different?

RestAsure is a revolutionary bed bug treatment that uses dehydration to eliminate bed bug infestations. It works instantly and kills bed bugs by rapidly absorbing moisture out of the bugs. The days of using dangerous and often ineffective chemicals to eliminate bed bugs is in the past. You can now kill bedbugs using RestAsure – the safe, inexpensive way to get rid of bed bugs yourself!

RestAsure Eliminates Bed Bugs For Good!

RestAsure kills bed bugs, larvae, and eggs which means the bed bug infestation you are presently dealing with won’t come back. RestAsure acts quickly against the bed bugs you have presently and can be reapplied as often as necessary. This eliminates the stress and concern of bed bug outbreaks. RestAsure is the most effective, economical bed bug treatment available on the market – costing only pennies per application.

RestAsure vs Traditional Methods