The SAFE Bed Bug Solution

Makes Bed Bugs….Dead Bugs



For All Bed Bug Issues

Instant Knockdown

Makes bed bugs dead bugs. Kills instantly and kills bed bugs at all live stages from larvae to fully formed adults

Environmentally Friendly

Safe around people, pets, and plants. The most environmentally friendly method to eliminate bed bugs. 


RestAsure is the most effective, economical solution to get rid of bed bugs. Our method avoids the need for costly exterminators. 

Treat And Sleep 

Our product is the only non-staining, odorless, and eco-friendly bed bug treatment. 

Use On Most/All Surfaces

Beds, mattresses, box springs, headboards, baseboards, vents, drapes, carpets, pillows, blankets, and furniture. Any and all places Bed Bugs hide.

Industry Leader 

Meets all EPA requirements for exemption of classical pesticide registration as a FIFRA minimal risk 25(b) product.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason you can return it for a full refund.

Made in the USA

Proudly manufactured at our headquarters in St. Louis, MO

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RestAsure: The SAFE Bed Bug Solution | Travel Size Ready For All Luggage and Carry-On


(31 customer reviews)

RestAsure: The SAFE Bed Bug Solution | Makes Bed Bugs…Dead Bugs 1 Quart Bottle 


(36 customer reviews)

RestAsure: The SAFE Bed Bug Solution | 1 Gallon Container Commercial Sized Ready for Big Facilities


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The Only Bed Bug Solution A Person Could Ever Need!

Customer Testimony

Peace of mind is what we refer to RestAsure around here. Our facility utilizes many of your other technologies and when you introduced RestAsure to us we knew it would work. Although we haven’t had any major issues with bed bugs we did have to use it on one occasion and as usual, worked just the way you said it would. We have also decided to utilize it as a preventative measure since our staff cleans the rooms during the day. We spray the areas you recommended after each checkout and if they were hiding until dark to come out, they will no longer be able to.

Carman, Major Hotel St. Louis, MO

About RestAsure

RestAsure is a revolutionary treatment for bed bugs, which uses dehydration to eliminate infestations. Bugs exposed to the formula die instantly, and it’s easy on the environment. No more dangerous chemicals! You can now exterminate bedbugs using RestAsure – the safe, affordable way to get rid of bed bugs yourself!

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