Frequently Asked Questions

Does RestAsure Have An Odor?

RestAsure dries completely odorless.

Where can I Apply RestAsure?

RestAsure can be applied to most hard & soft surfaces. Bed bugs like to hide and are very tough to spot at times. Because RestAsure is a minimum risk pesticide, it can be applied liberally and as often as necessary to eliminate bed bug infestations. For immediate kill, apply directly to infested areas where bed bugs are visually seen. As a preventative approach, apply RestAsure to areas where bed bugs are most apt to be hiding. They would include but not be limited to: bed frames, mattresses, box springs, headboards, baseboards, vents, carpets, drapes, pillows, blankets, furniture, dresser drawers, closets & luggage to name a few. The mist when sprayed to these areas will automatically start the dehydration kill process if the hiding bed bugs is subjected to RestAsure directly. Out of site doesn’t always mean out of mind, so although you may not be able to physically see them, if a bed bug comes into contact with freshly applied RestAsure, it will be eliminated… guaranteed!

Is It Safe for Pets?

Yes. RestAsure is a minimum-risk pesticide that can be used around pets but caution should always be taken when using any product around pets.

How Fast Does RestAsure Work?

RestAsure works instantly against bed bugs. Our revolutionary dehydration formula works FAST.

How do I Apply RestAsure at a Place of Business?

Furniture: See above Home question titled Furniture.

Curtains & Drapes: See above Home question titled Curtains & Drapes.

Baseboards: See above Home question titled baseboards.

Workstations: Each workstation can be treated with RestAsure throughout. Remove any and all clutter, papers and anything that has the potential to absorb moisture. Apply to entire area including the cracks, crevices, baseboards, chairs, desktop, under computer, Phone and any other hiding place you deem as a potential for bed bugs.

Auditoriums / Meeting Rooms: We recommend that you treat these areas like you would your home. All the different applications protocols are listed above. Bed Bugs can hide in very tight spots so special attention should be given to any and all audio/visual aids as well as projection screens.

How Do I Apply RestAsure at an Educational Facility?

Whether it be a College, University, School District, Trade School, Private School, or Daycare facility, RestAsure should be applied liberally to any and all areas that are mentioned in the above 3 answers. Certain Educational facilities have all of the above applications while others will incorporate the necessary protocols that pertain to their specific needs.

Can I Use it Around My Children?

Yes. RestAsure is a minimum-risk pesticide that can be used around children but caution should always be taken when using any product around children.

Is There a Guarantee?

RestAsure is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with RestAsure for any reason, return the unused portion with proof of purchase to us for a full refund.

How do I Apply RestAsure at Home?

Mattresses: Shake bottle well then apply liberally to all parts of the Mattress. It is wise to stand the mattress upright so that you can treat both sides. RestAsure should be sprayed along all seams, on both sides of the mattress where there are buttons and piles.

Box Springs: With the mattress off the bed, set the box spring upright and apply RestAsure liberally to both sides paying close attention to any seams, tears and or potential hiding spots normally on the underside where the cloth is attached to the frame.

Headboards & Rails: Once the mattresses have been treated, the next thing you want to address is the Headboard and rails, Apply RestAsure VERY liberally to these areas because there are many nooks and crannies located on most beds. After RestAsure has been applied, the next thing you want to do is make sure you lift the bed posts up and spray directly under and around each post.

Curtains & Drapes: Although it would be best to remove any curtains and drapes and wash prior to applying RestAsure, you can treat these household items by expanding them as much as possible on the rods. RestAsure can then be applied starting from top to bottom. Liberally treat the area where the curtains and drapes are attached to the rod where the seams are tightly woven and are prime places for bed bugs to be hiding. After treating the top, spray RestAsure throughout the rest of the curtain or drape on both sides then let dry.

Furniture: Each piece of furniture should be treated with RestAsure with the same vigor as your bedding. It is best to empty out each dresser drawer prior to applying RestAsure due to the many potential hiding spots within your clothing or other articals in the drawers. Once removed, apply RestAsure liberally throughout the inside of the piece of furniture being treated. With the drawers out treat each one from top to bottom and from side to side to ensure the entire drawer has been treated with RestAsure. Chairs, Sofas, ottomans or any other piece of furniture that has upholstery should be treated liberally with RestAsure with special attention given to all the seams, creases, buttons and areas where they are attached to the base or backing.

Baseboards: Remove anything obstructing the baseboard areas and liberally apply RestAsure along the entire baseboard. While treating the baseboards, it is wise to apply RestAsure to all the outlets located throughout the room. Take the cover off, tape the sockets and apply RestAsure to the inside areas of the outlets where bed bugs like to hide.

How Do I Apply RestAsure When I Travel?

Luggage: Prior to any trip, it is wise to inspect any and all luggage that will be taken. After inspection, RestAsure should be applied liberally to all luggage both inside and out prior to packing. Once treated, let RestAsure dry completely before packing. Due to the fact that your luggage will be in close approximation to a lot of different luggage from a host of locations while en route to your destination, it is wise to re-inspect and treat your luggage with RestAsure upon arrival. We also recommend that you treat your luggage when leaving to go home and again upon your arrival home as these are the most common ways bed bug infestations end up in your home in the first place.

Accommodations: When you arrive at your destination and after treating your luggage, inspect the accommodations you are staying in and treat with RestAsure as outlined above in our home section.

Will It Leave Water Stains on Wood?

No. Our product is water-based. We do recommend testing it on an inconspicuous area first.

Will It Stain or Damage Fabric of Furniture?

No. Our product is water-based. We do recommend testing it on an inconspicuous area first.

Does Fog Treatment Work?

Foggers use chemicals to kill bed bugs and they often cause the bed bugs to flee into the walls of the house, rather than killing the entire infestation. Once the fog wears off the bed bugs just crawl right back into the room from the wall, often going into the adjacent room as well. Fog treatment is often very costly as it needs to be done by an experienced professional and it is not 100% guaranteed. RestAsure is the most cost-effective and economical solution available as it works instantly against bed bugs and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Did I Get Bed Bugs Because My House Isn't Clean?

Bed bugs are attracted to people, not dirt. So no matter how clean your house is you can still have a bed bug infestation. An infestation can occur anywhere, and cleaning up won’t help prevent them. Bed bugs hide in tiny crevices so they are hard to detect and they are usually transported from other areas that are clean such as hotels and businesses.

Does Steam Treatment Work?

Steam treatment is a popular option for exterminators to use to eliminate a bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, the heat from the steam tends to encourage the reproduction of bed bugs as bed bugs thrive in moist, warm environments. Steam treatments are often costly, take a long time to work, and are not guaranteed. RestAsure works against bed bugs by using an eco-friendly solution that dehydrates the bed bugs, killing them instantly. RestAsure is safe for people, pets, and plants – you can go to sleep shortly after using RestAsure.

Do I Need to Throw Away All My Belongings If I have Bed Bugs?

Traditional thought is that throwing infested furniture and clothing away is an effective method for getting rid of bed bugs. This is obviously expensive. RestAsure is so effective that throwing belongings away is no longer necessary. RestAsure kills bed bugs instantly and can be reapplied as often as necessary until the infestation is eliminated.